Since you are reading this, you are probably considering to build your own Dobsonian telescope. This page provides detailed plans and instructions how to . Plans for a homemade Dobsonian telescope. Since you are reading this, you are probably considering to build your own Dobsonian telescope. Homemade Inch Dobsonian Telescope: How to build a inch closed tube Dobsonian telescope. I began building it in the spring of , but the bulk of.

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Build a Backyard Dobsonian Telescope

To put everything together, place the upper part of the mount with the altitude cutouts downwards, and put the azimuth bearing on top.

Now sink in the screw headsand you will get one right side and a left side board.

Both are universal telescopes, equally good both for planetary or deep sky observations. Your changes have been saved. Take one azimuth bearing board, and put the upper part of the mount on top, aligning the marks on the boards you draw earlier.

Now that we have a nice and stable mount, we can continue building the optical tube assembly OTA. It is very important that the hole is vertical relative to the board, since this is the axis of the azimuth bearing. Place the telescope within the holder and bolt the hold to the top of the base.

You will get everything you need from the local hardware store. An easier thing to do would be to buy a telescope tube directly from the hardware store; this will save you the trouble of constructing the tube yourself.


This page provides detailed plans and instructions how to build one. My finished inch Dobson telescope. Education How making is transforming learning. You will also be receiving the weekly Make: First we need to assemble the top part of the mount.

Drill a 4 mm hole in the center, and find the center of the even sided boards by drawing diagonal lines, corner to corner. A router with a compass would be perfect for this job, but it can easily be done with a jigsaw too. So on a snowy day in February not too far from Stellafane, I started this project, and had both the scope and these pages finished before convention.

Mark 3 drilling holes per strip, 30 mm from the edges, and one in the middle. They are easy to use, are strong plaans robust and inexpensive. Take a old ruler, or a piece of wood, drill the same 8 mm hole at one end, put the M8x60 screw trough and drill a small hole 4 mm is fine at the outer edge of the board.

Besides, Los Angeles Sidewalk AstronomerPam Reid, did most of the work by writing and typing the procedures, as well as gathering the drawings–which, by the way, were done by Earl Jungians from photographs of John at work by Molly Lusignan. You can view and download the full file here. Next Everything you should know about the Constellations. There is a special tool for this Next, we improvise a large compass.


DIY: Building a Dobsonian Telescope At Home

It just missed placing in the optical competition. We have one last remaining azimuth bearing board. The base of the telescope should be a wide, sturdy square or circle of wood with teflon bearing pads matched to the ABS plana ring of the rocker box.

Drill a hole in that spot and mount the spider in place. The mount works via friction, just little enough to easily move the telescope, but yet enough that the telescope remains pointed. It won an Innovative Telescppe Award for the adjustable cradle design.

Given any mirror measurements, PLOP will provide the ideal support layout and how much distortion to expect for any number of flotation points.

Build a Backyard Dobsonian Telescope

tflescope Welcome to the Make: The optical tube is done. Recommended Books on Building Dobsonians Here are books we learned from, and you might find useful for additional ideas and techniques. Building the mirror box is tricky, because the entire optical assembly mirror cell, mirror box, trusses, secondary cage must balance at the center of rotation of the arms.

Skywatcher 10 inch Dobsonian. The box should be deep helescope to allow the mirror box to swing all the way down.