PREFACE The present volume contains the Brahmanda Purana, Part I (Chapters ) completing the first-two sections (Prakriyd and Anusaiiga) of the text in. INR / $ , Title: Sri Brahmanda Puranam, Author: hi Chakravarthi Ph.D., Genre: Spiritual. The Brahmanda Purana (The History Of The Universe)Is One Of The Eighteen Mahapuranas, A Genre Of Eighteen Hindu Religious Texts And Has Been.

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Sri Brahmanda Puranam

Be it as it may, the latter — the Panca-laksana definition of a Purana is very popular as it is repeated in a number of Puranas e. Brahmanda Vayu 1 8 Prahriydpdda 8 telguu.

It behoves you to ask questions on any topic which you desire to know. Section 1 Prakriyd consists of five chapters which deal with the creation of the universe in the light of the Vedic metaphysics which it expounds in detail in the Puranic manner. Visnu formerly Exterminating living be- called Pramati ings for 25 years. Enumeration ofDivine plants I.

The fullest list of30 kings is in the Mt. It is not certain whether the anikitatd-vdda in I. The basic incident of the legend took place in the hoary antiquity circa B. The Furana-writers claim their priority in creation and hence superiority to the Vedas. Jatukarnya or Jatukarna was a self-controlled tellugu — a member of Yudhisthira’s Court Mbh.

The need of annotations is evident therefore. With a desire to create, he meditated and as he was meditating Avidyd with its five ‘knots’ parvans viz. Mahendra and other splendid and sacred mountains on the summit north of the Manasa lake are described along with the present beings that are in possession of them and that identify themselves with them.


Battle between Devas and Asuras II. Another remarkable factor is that his army consists of goblins and evil spirits Pramathas and Vindyakas in addition to Devas. Dharma SUtra preceded by the author’s name such as Gautama. The next section on brahanda rsis offour Vedas, the mantras, their use differs considerably in details from SK.

The auspicious characteristics ofthe daugher ofKardama, the Prajapati. This account in the Purana is misleading. We have to grope for the answer, as Parasurama probably belongs to the 3rd millenium B.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam – online Telugu Books

Being enraged, Uma, as a punishment for his disturbance at such ajuncture, forced Agni to carry the semen teligu foetus in his teluu. The positions of the stars and the planets and their transit from one Zodaical sign to another and the abode ofthe Siddhas and their distance in yojanas in details and the allocation of places in the heaven to men of auspicious conduct. The covering ofthe waters by the Tejas the fiery element.

Finding it unbearable, he requested the river Gariga to carry it. The Creation of Hiranyagarbha 28 4. He excelled them in intel- lect but as laid down in the scriptures’, he bowed down duly to them.

Full text of “Brahmanda Purana”

The topic of Srdddha and an inflated version of Parasurama legend which are probably accretions ofa later date have occupied Chs. Karttavlrya of Haihaya dynasty visits Jamadagni’s hermi- tage and tekugu a royal reception and comfortable night-halt to all his men and officers due to the power of Jamadagni’s cow Kamadhenu. Later, a Stotra, called Krsndmrta Stotra, a series of epithets of Krsna reported to have been recited by Sesa, is nar- rated by Agastya to Parasurama The race ofBali II.


The critical Introduction, the lucid translation and comprehensive annotations are, in fact, his monumental contributions to the studies in Indology. Predominance of Buddhists, Jains, Kapalikas and atheists is predicted. Thereafter, he quietly performs penance there Chs.

It is not understood why Orissa, Telangana and North Sindh were regarded as unfit for performing Sraddha The wives of grahmanda Saptarsis except Vasistha’s wife ArundhatI fed him and the god manifested six mouths to suck them and came to putana known as Sanmukha Six-mouthed. The narrative runs parallel to Bd. The day ofgod Brahma consists of catur-yugis in which fourteen Manus ruled.

Introduction xlvii braumanda protective influence against all evils. M K P Mdrkandeya Parana. Parasu- rama though unmarried and unanointed as a king performs a Horse- Sacrifice Haya-medha H.

The arrangement ofthe Heavenly Luminaries. Purva-Bhdga-Anu- brrahmanda Pdda ;, Lii. Hirhsd Injury to animals can never be dharma. But if Lalitd-Mdhdtmya is treated as an integral part of the Bd.